Stage One

The first stage of a mealworm's life is an egg. The egg is quit small and is white in colour (although we did not actually get to see this stage, it was nice to find out where our babies came from.) After 4-19 days the eggs will begin to hatch.

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Stage Two

The second stage of a mealworm's life cycle is the larva stage (which is the stage we received them at; you could call this the toddler stage). During this stage, the mealworm moves about by crawling and also sheds it's skin several times (this is called 'moulting').


external image meal-worm-morio.jpg


Stage Three

The third stage of a mealworm's life is the pupa stage (you could call this the teenage years!) During this stage, the mealworm's appearance changes dramatically; it starts off a creamy white color and changes slowly to brown during its pupation stage and loses it's worm-like shape. The pupa does not eat at all in this stage and sleeps all the time (again, this is why we called it the teenage years!)The mealworm remains in this stage from 3 days to around 30 days (dependent on incubation temperature).


external image tenebrio-molitor_larva02.jpg


Stage Four

The fourth (and final stage!) of a mealworm`s life is the adult stage; the mealworm changes to a beetle. Again, in this stage, the mealworm completely changes it`s appearance and is unrecognizable as a mealworm. As the beetle grows older, it gets darker in colour. This is the most active stage in it`s life cycle. To protect themslevs from enemies in this stage, they bite hard and move very fast!

The female will burrow into soft ground and lay about 500 eggs.


external image mealworm02.jpg


Let's take a look at that beautiful life cycle: