Are You Afraid of the Light?
Question: Do mealworms respond to light?
Materials:- Hard surface- Small flash light
- mealworms
Manipulated Variables
There are none.

Responding Variables:
How the mealworms respond to the light.

The mealworms will react to the light in some way by staying in the light or moving away from it, showing their preference for light or darkness.

Sara Belliveau: I predict the mealworms will not repsond any differently to light because they are used to being in the light.
Sarah Blackadar: I predict the mealworms will move away from the light because it is so bright and close to them.
Carol Burroughs: I predict the mealworms will freeze in the light because it is too bright for them to see properly to get away.
Emily Jay: I predict the mealworms will like the light and stay in it because it is warm.

1. Place one mealworm on a hard surface (table)
2. Flash a small flashlight on and off ten times approximately four inches above the mealworm.
3. Observe the mealworms reaction (does it move, freeze, etc)
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with three different mealworms

Controlled Variables:
- The hard surface
- The flashlight
- The distance of the flashlight from the mealworms

Observations, Data, Tables, Graphs:
Stayed steady, did not move, then moved out of the light
Moved slightly as light flashed, arched back, moved away from the light
Moved away from flashing light, stopped, continued to move away

The mealworms appeared to dislike the light and move away from it at various speeds.

Comments:Although mealworms are used to being exposed to light (sunlight and classroom lights), this bright flashing light so close to them interfered with them and caused them to seek to flee from it.